About Us

FCGamenet is a platform where gamers can play their favorite video games against others for prizes.

The idea came we enjoyed LAN parties, an old-school term for a bunch of people hooking up consoles to TVs and gaming competitively together in the same room. We played a lot of FIFA and PES, and we missed doing this post college. We decided to start hosting gaming nights at bars, where we people from across the tri-state area would come to play in a FIFA and PES tournament. It was an easy sell to the bars – they had bingo and trivia to bring in patrons on a weeknight. Why not add gaming?

During these events we discovered that there was a problem in need of solving. There was a massive market of casual -- yet competitive -- gamers but no infrastructure for them to compete in an easy way. One approach would be to keep scaling out these events but the appetite was much bigger that. The internet can bring the joy of competing in a low stakes video game tournaments to everyone, at any time. And by extension, the community around it grows and becomes much more accessible.

Today there are 350m gamers above the age of 18 playing online, and a very small percentage of them are making money playing professionally or streaming. FCGamenet is giving this opportunity to everyone.