1:Register on the site​ fcgamenet.com

2:Buy tokens for your account​

3:Log in to your console(ps4,ps5,pc,xbox one)

4:Choose a friendly match lobby​

5:choose a create match Room

6:Select your server​

7:Choose a lobby​

8:Enter room name and password​

9:Enter the fcgamene.com site)(Select the create match option

10:1 server, 2 lobby and row, 3 room, 4 psn names​ 5 password 6 choose console 7 choose game 8 your wager

11:Tip: Please wait for the guest player to arrive​


12:What should guest players do?​ (all matches)


13: 1 join Now   

 2 join

14:Remove the host profile and find her on the console​

15:What should I do after the game is over?​

Click on your profile                                                                        

    click on your current matches

Click on Save Result option​                                                            

 click on , Lost  ,  EqualWin

your result is save . you can change in 5 minutes

16: Tip :Click to protest​                   

 Screenshot or video is required to protest

17:Create withdraw paypal and perfect money 

18:Get a friend to sign up on FCgamenet and play match, you get %3 of Match Value.​